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There are numerous environmental and sustainable volunteering opportunities to sign-up for: replanting programs, sea & beach cleaning, track & walkway building projects, native bird-breeding programs, pest trapping, helping on organic farms, making lunch for kids in need and more.
This is an excellent way to give your Eco-tourism holiday a meaningful edge that will be rewarding for both yourself and New Zealand’s unique environment.

Tree Planting

Whakatipu Reforestation Trust

Location: Queenstown

Since humans first set foot on New Zealand, our native forests have reduced by 70% while our native bird species have been reduced by 30%. The dry woodlands that used to be prolific in the Wakatipu Basin are one of the most threatened ecosystems in New Zealand, and also one of the least protected. Whakatipu Reforestation Trust protect and restore the native biodiversity of the Wakatipu Basin through revegetation projects, collaboration, education and advocacy. The trust works with the community to grow and plant out native plants, including threatened species. This will create wildlife corridors that will, in turn, attract native birds and insects back into the basin, significantly enhancing the biodiversity of the area. Greenz Travel offers to organise a day so you can help out growing seedlings in the nursery or join the team on one of their planting days!

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Coastline and Ocean

Sea Cleaners

Location: Hauraki Gulf and Bay of Islands

Sea Cleaners is a not for profit organisation working on preserving New Zealand’s Coastline for the benefit of the marine life and for the enjoyment of all users. With 3 vessels in the Auckland region and 1 in the Bay of Islands, volunteers have the opportunity to get involved in fishing waste matters more than 5 days a week. The Sea cleaners have removed over 7 Million litres of rubbish from the coastline since 2002! Despite such outrageous data, the Sea Cleaners are still working hard on building awareness, educating people and removing more litter from the coastlines and waterways! Greenz Travel wants to help! Put sturdy boots and gloves on, and jump-in with one of the Sea Cleaners Skipper for a very special cruise around the Hauraki Golf or in the Bay of Islands!

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Community Project

Eat my Lunch

Location: Auckland & Wellington

Eat My Lunch is a business driven by a social purpose: to ensure that no child goes hungry at school. This is done through a Buy One, Give One model. Instead of buying lunches, breakfasts and morning teas from other places, the good people of NZ have been buying a meal from Eat My Lunch. Through this simple choice of buying, the organisation is enabled to Give a lunch to a Kiwi kid who would otherwise go without. Since the initiative started in June 2015, over 1,000,000 lunches have been given to Kiwi kids in 79 schools in Auckland and Wellington. While the organisation employs over 45 staff, a high number of Volunteers are needed every day to prepare, pack and deliver the lunches to paying customers. Greenz Travel offers the opportunity to get you involved in the making of the thousands of lunches needed daily… Volunteer spots are available in Auckland and Wellington central locations, and you’ll need to be available between 6.30am and 9.30am. Come and help make a difference in the life of Kiwi kids!

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Pest Control

Blue Duck Lodge

Location: Owhango, Central North Island

Blue Duck Station has one of the highest concentrations of Whio (blue duck) and Kiwi in New Zealand not to mention Wetas, native bats and fish. To help increase numbers of these and other native species on the farm, the team is improving their habitat by encouraging bush to regenerate, enhancing water quality and trapping predators. As recognition of their work, Blue Duck Station has been granted three Ballance Farm Environment Awards and a Department of Conservation Services to Conservation Award. Come and help Blue Duck Station reset the traps or get the kids involved in building and installing cave or tree boxes for the Wetas, making it a true Eco-tourism experience!

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Bespoke Volunteering Project

We are constantly updating our database of conservation and community volunteering projects. If you have a particular interest or skill or want to help in a specific field, reach out to Greenz Travel as we may be able to find the right match for you!

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