Our Story

Our Vision

New Zealand has a very strong and enduring green image overseas and is seen by many as a relatively pure country.
However, due to extensive dairy farming, intensive Forestry activities and growing numbers of tourists, this image is at stake.
In order to preserve New Zealand’s fragile ecosystems and take our share of guardianship’s responsibilities (Kaitiakitangata),
we decided to be part of the solution, by promoting a greener and more responsible tourism.

Traditionally, Māori believe there is a deep kinship between humans and the natural world. This connection is expressed through kaitiakitanga – a way of managing the environment. Today there is growing interest in kaitiakitanga as iwi restore their environment and their culture.
Saying by Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal

Our Mission

Change the way travellers connect to our natural world and our host community through inspiring & mindful eco-travel experiences.
We are committed to sustainable tourism!


We only work with Eco-conscious businesses who protect & restore  the New Zealand environment and its biodiversity. We also actively support local volunteering projects.


Fair Labour & Fair prices to ensure local businesses’ financial growth and in turn, encourage sustainability across the board.


Welcoming & vibrant host communities are enhanced through responsible employment and community engagement.


We respect & value our local culture and traditions, passed on from generation to generations and shared with our visitors.

Our Services

We are a fully serviced travel agency with a conscience!
With our wealth of knowledge about New Zealand, our 15 years’ experience in travel planning to the destination, acute attention to details and our uncompromised commitment to support enviro and eco-conscious providers, we have compelled an exclusive responsible offer to make your journey to New Zealand a memorable and a sustainable one!

Expert In Eco-Tourism
  • 15 years of travel planning experience to NZ
  • Eco-friendly accommodation
  • Low impact activities & eco-tours
  • Hybrid & e-cars, train & coach
  • Volunteering & Community projects
Dedicated To Sustainability
  • We support and encourage sustainable practices
  • Continuous assessment of our local partners
  • Environmental & community engagement
Committed To Your Journey
  • Tailor-made itinerary reflecting your expectations
  • Meaningful experiences and encounters
  • Our Extensive knowledge and experience mean you will be supported throughout your journey
  • 24/7 assistance in NZ

About Us

Greenz Travel was born from the passion, awareness, connections, and experience of two dedicated French women, Kristel and Estelle.
We have lived in New Zealand for over a decade and we pride ourselves on knowing New Zealand’s best kept secrets.

With Greenz Travel, you’re in safe hands!



I came to New Zealand from my native France in 2003, freshly graduated with a master in geography and sustainability, as part of a long OE … I never left! Travelling around the country for the first time all these years ago was an empowering and magical experience. Along the stunning beauty of the country, I discovered the freedom to live a less conventional life. I felt less pressured to ’have’ and encouraged to ‘be’. I discovered ‘Kiwis’ had a more acute sense of their natural environment and a strong desire to protect it. Fast forward to today, married to a Kiwi/Zimbabwean and two children keeping me on the go, I have set residence on stunning Waiheke Island, in the Hauraki Gulf. I have spent the last 15 years organising and planning travels to New Zealand for individuals and groups. In those years, sadly, I have seen New Zealand change a lot: rivers we used to swim in now unfit for human recreation due to pollution levels; unspoiled stretches of coastline now under the grip of property developers, the impact of mass tourism and its inappropriate answers… I yearned for more. I ought to do something to reverse the machine. With my background in sustainable management and my hands-on experience in Travel planning, I decided to put my experience to good use. I believe Travel can be a wonderful and powerful tool to promote and educate on sustainability. My mission is to change our travel habits by offering a high quality, low impact travel solution to New Zealand.



Born & raised in France, I first arrived in New Zealand in 2007, with a “round the world ticket” and a working holidays visa. Many adventures and years later, I have settled with my family in the bush, on the Wild West Coast of Auckland, where the sand is black and the sunset surprises me everyday. Over the last 10 years, I worked as a travel coordinator, I discovered inspiring New Zealanders and well-hidden places while organising documentaries, I swam in natural hot springs, went caving, bungy-jumping & kayaking while project managing a travel guidebook to Aotearoa.
With a love for the Outdoors, when I am not in the office you can find me walking or biking trails with my family, surfing empty breaks or snowboarding on a volcano…
Today however, I have grown much aware of the threats weighting on this splendid environment: the extensive farming, the urban development, the growth of masstourism… New Zealand’s green image is endangered, and we need to act to protect its Eco-systems.
I believe we can start changing little things that can have a big impact. As a family, we regularly pick-up the rubbish we find on the beach, we refill, buy bulk food or items with as little packaging as possible, we recycle and compost, we collect rain and spring water, we grow a productive veggie garden, we have a water heating solar system and look at constant improvments.
I work from home, and spend my days searching for the best Eco-friendly solutions for your next travel to New Zealand to offer you a sustainable and enjoyable journey in Aotearoa! Bon Voyage!