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At Greenz Travel, we think it’s important to support the country we visit. If you would like to support a local cause during your travels, we encourage you to donate to one the following programmes we proudly support. No donation is too small and every dollar is a step closer to the goal!

Carbon Offset

Ekos is an international non-profit enterprise that create self-sustaining forest carbon projects and programmes.
Ekos partner with forest owners to develop its own certified carbon projects that grow and protect indigenous forest in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. This ensures projects are robust, fair, and deliver a range of benefits: biodiversity conservation, erosion control, water quality enhancement, & community development.
Did you know flying return London to New Zealand emits more CO2 than an average year of driving?
Flying is one of the most carbon intensive activities we do in modern life.
Offsetting your flights by buying carbon credits helps to reduce your impact on the planet!


Trees That Count

10 NZ$ minimum donation

Having evolved in isolation for 80 million years, New Zealand has a unique natural heritage. Yet it has taken humans less than a thousand years to wipe out a significant amount of the forest due to introduced predators, intensive farming, development and climate change.
The organization was launched to counteract this issue by planting the Trees That Count – for restoring and enhancing our environment, for biodiversity, for climate change. Our native trees not only sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but they provide habitat for our native birds, better water quality in our streams, and more beautiful places for future generations to explore. One of the best actions we can take to tackle climate change and improve our environment is to plant more native trees.


Kākāpō Recovery

100 NZ$ minimum donation

Due to introduced pests, the endemic and only flightless parrot in the world, the cheeky Kakapo, is critically endangered. Today, there are only 142 kākāpō left alive in the wild. Kākāpō Recovery combines the efforts of scientists, rangers, volunteers and donors to protect them and
encourage successful breeding. Gulliver, Felix and Lisa need your help to survive… Adopt one of them and follow their progress and whereabouts with regular updates. Adoptions start at 100$ and you’ll receive a cuddly plushie, stickers, bookmarks and a certificate of adoption for your chosen kākāpō. Your adoption directly supports funding for kākāpō health management, supplementary food and annual transmitter changes.

Ocean and Coastlines

Sea Cleaners

No minimum donation

Sea Cleaners is a not for profit organisation working on preserving New Zealand’s Coastline for the benefit of the marine life and for the enjoyment of all users. With 4 vessels, and volunteers fishing waste matters more than 5 days a week, the Sea cleaners have removed over 7 Million litres of rubbish from the sea since 2002! Despite such outrageous datas, they are still working hard on building awareness, educating people and removing more litter from the coastlines and waterways! Running the boat, coordinating a team of skippers & volunteers, and discarding properly or recycling the rubbish collected has a cost. Help Sea Cleaners Stay afloat with a donation.


Spirit of Adventures

No minimum donation

The Spirit of Adventure Trust is an organisation dedicated to igniting strength and confidence in youth through 5 and 10 days youth development voyages aboard the “Spirit of New Zealand”. The tall ship is a 42.5 m long steel-hulled, three-masted barquentine and carries a maximum of 40 trainees and 14 crew. These unique experiences at sea focus on building life skills (self-confidence, leadership, communication, resilience, teams work…) through a wide range of activities : climbing the mast, putting up the sails up, working & communicating with the crew, swimming alongside, rafting ashore, sailing the small boats, cleaning the ship, cooking, sleeping in bunks… The trust has a scholarship programme so young New Zealanders from disadvantaged background can take part in this life changing and empowering adventure. Donations help to fund those voyages so more young people can reach their full potential and dream of a brighter future through the challenge of the sea.